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Records mysteriously being deleted (NOT the usual suspects)

Question asked by tritechsol on Dec 16, 2009
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Records mysteriously being deleted (NOT the usual suspects)


This is one of the oddest things I've encountered in my 12+ years of FileMaker development.


I have a database in use at a client site where records in the "Employees" table are somehow being randomly deleted. I've confirmed that they exist one day and then are gone the next (often times the record exists in the morning but is gone several hours later).


No one has delete access but me so I know this is not a user error.


I've run the DDR report through Inspector and evaluated every relationship (there are NO cascade deletes) and script (no script deletes records in that table) that could possibly be causing this. This is a separation model system so I checked both the UI file as well as the data file. Absolutely nothing is set to delete those records.


As with many FileMaker solutions, this is a mission critical database and I'm now concerned about the data integrity. While I am currently running maintenance on the files, I'm wondering what I'm overlooking?


Any and all recommendations welcome. Surely I'm missing something?


Much thanks,


Yvonne Garcia