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    Records not Properly displayed



      Records not Properly displayed



      I'm struggling to get the proper records displayed in the Portal field and displaying the proper total.

      For some reason my Scheduled Date drop down field is displaying all Scheduled dates of all the orders, i need the drop down box list to display only Scheduled Dates with the Orders marked as Processing, but it's displaying all orders with the dates?

      Also, i have a total Quantity field setup for all orders found in that Scheduled Date to calculate how many items there are to process for that scheduled date which is displaying a number even if i don't have any orders processing.

      My Portal Field is also displaying line items which aren't in the Processing State.

      The first Portal Field Box is filtered with the calculation shippingcenter_ORDERS::Status = "Processing" which only shows orders with Processing status. How would I make the Text Fields filtered so that only fields are shown with the Processing Status?

      I have the Scheduled_Ship_Date field set as a Date Indexed inside the ShippingCenter Table.



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            Try adding another occurrence of "orders" and put it on the other side of the line items occurrence. Refer to it in your portal filter expression and use it in your conditional value list.

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              what do you mean by the other side. You mean adding a New Orders Occurrence with the selectedorder_LINEITEM ?

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                Sorry for being so brief, I only had a few minutes earlier before I had to exit the forum.

                You have this relationhip:


                Add another occurrence of orders with the same match fields to the right of ShippingCenter_orders_LINEITEM and refer to it in your portal filter.


                Your layout is based on ShippingCenter. The portal is based on ShippingCenter_orders_LINEITEM. The orders occurrence you are referencing in your portal filter and conditional value list lies between them. References to ORDERS data via this table occurrence will evaluate from the context of ShippingCenter instead of ShippingCenter_orders_LINEITEM. Thus, ShippingCenter_ORDERS::status refers to the first related record in ORDERS. If that record has a status of "Processing", it evaluates as True for all related records in LINEITEMS and they all appear in your portal. If the first related record does not have this status, it evaluates as False and you won't see any records in the portal. (This sound familiar? this is much the same result you got by putting the sum function inside an If function in an earlier post. Wink)

                You need a table occurrence for this data that is "downstream" from the portal's in order for references to it to evaluate in the context of portal's table occurrence instead of the layout's.

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                  What do you mean by adding the same match field to the order occurrence when attached to the ShippingCenter_orders_LINEITEM ?


                  Thanks for your help :)

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                    I added a new Order Tahle Occurrence to the shippingcenter_orders_LINEITEM and got the OrderNum and __kp_OrderID linked but the results are still the same. Do I change the Drop Down List Field to the new Orders Occurrence by Scheduled Date?

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                      Did you update the portal filter expression to refer to the status field via the new occurrence?

                      Does the portal now display the expected records?

                      (I want to be sure that's working before I take a closer look at your conditional value list.)

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                        It still shows all Scheduled Dates, Proessing and New Status, I only need the Processing status orders to show up using the Processing Dates?

                        Here is a screenshot of how I setup the Relationship table for the new Order Occurrence.

                        I'm using the new Order 2 Occurrence for the Drop Down List Values and using the Order 2::ProcessedDate field under the "Use Values from the first field"

                        Hope this is correct.

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                          I'm still asking about the portal, not the value list. Does it list the expected records? What portal expression are you using?

                          (We need that to work first)

                          And be advised that a portal filter will have no effect on a conditional value list--which is why I'm not addressing that one until we get the other to work for you.

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                            Yes, the Left Portal is showing the correct orders with the status Processing only. The Scheduled Date Field (Drop Down List) is showing all Dates even if there are no orders in the Scheduled Orders for that Date.

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                              For your value list, there are two options.

                              1. Use a filtered relationship like we discussed in a previous thread. Use a constProcessing field defined in ShippingCenter to match to the status field in an Occurrence of ORDERS. Define your value list to list its values from this occurrence and select ShippingCenter as the "starting from" table occurrence in the "include only related..." line at the bottom of your value list setup dialog.
                              2. Use a calculation field in ORDERS that only returns the date if the Record has a status of "Processing". Refer to this field for your source of values instead of directly to the date field.
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                                I have done all these but it's still showing the orders that are not in the Processing Status.

                                Would you be able to let me know what I need to fix to get it working?

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                                  The Scheduled Date Drop Down List is still showing Processing and non-Processing Dates but the Scheduled Orders are only showing Process Dates due to adding the Filter matching only the Processing Status Orders. Also, the Details Portal is still showing all orders.


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                                    I suggest looking at one issue at a time. What exact options/methods did you use for setting up the value list? I specified two approaches where you could use one or the other--no need to use both.

                                    (save issues with the details portal until we get the value list to work.)

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