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Records not Properly displayed

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on Jun 6, 2012
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Records not Properly displayed



I'm struggling to get the proper records displayed in the Portal field and displaying the proper total.

For some reason my Scheduled Date drop down field is displaying all Scheduled dates of all the orders, i need the drop down box list to display only Scheduled Dates with the Orders marked as Processing, but it's displaying all orders with the dates?

Also, i have a total Quantity field setup for all orders found in that Scheduled Date to calculate how many items there are to process for that scheduled date which is displaying a number even if i don't have any orders processing.

My Portal Field is also displaying line items which aren't in the Processing State.

The first Portal Field Box is filtered with the calculation shippingcenter_ORDERS::Status = "Processing" which only shows orders with Processing status. How would I make the Text Fields filtered so that only fields are shown with the Processing Status?

I have the Scheduled_Ship_Date field set as a Date Indexed inside the ShippingCenter Table.