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    Records Not Updating for some users



      Records Not Updating for some users


      I have kind of become the defacto tech support for the FileMaker Pro database used in our Department. Recently, some users have experienced problems with records not updating after making changes.  For example, a user would enter a new date for several records just before a progress meeting. When we go into the meeting, the changes to the individual records are no reflected.

      I've read through several forum posts and haven't seen anything exactly like what we are experiencing. I've read that when sharing a database, you can only have a limited number of seats when running FileMaker Pro. We have at present 9 people sharing the same database. Could that be the cause for why some are not experiencing any problems with changes showing up and others are?

      Thanks for any help!

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          The seat limit is not an issue here. If you had more users than permitted attempting to open this database, FileMaker throws up an error message and doesn't permit the additional clients to connect.

          You'll have to investigate this issue more closely to figure out why this is happening. This may include getting a very precise picture of exactly what the user did when they changed data and other users couldn't see the changes.

          Here are some areas to investigate:

          If the field in question has global storage specified, changes made by one user to the data in the field will not be visible to other users.

          If the user makes changes to data, but the changes are not committed, other users will not be able to see the changes. Records can be committed by the user simply by clicking the layout back ground or by navigating to a different record or layout.

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            I just checked the settings for the particular field in question. It is not set up with global storage.

            We know that the users are committing the change because they are updating several records one after the other. Each record is a job in progress. When updating the Require Date, they change the date for several jobs in one sitting. That is why it seems so odd. It is not just happening to one user either. If that were the case, I would suspect that it is actually user error.

            Thanks for your quick response.

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              What's the time frame involved. About how much time transpires between when the user edits the dates and others find that they are not seeing the expected updated dates?

              Is the layout being examined to see if the dates changed, the same layout being used to make the changes?

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                     This problem is happening with FMP 12v4 also.  User changes a record and another user can't see the change. EVEN if they do a re search, the data is bad.  Also when I change the layout on a different computer, the layout changes are not shown on the affected computer. It's like it is brain dead.


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                   We have been having the same issue with our FileMaker 13 installation. This has been reported with many different fields and tables. One user updates a record, but the changes are not seen by other users for several minutes. The records are definitely getting committed. I'm wondering if this is something about how FM Server caches changes, and if there's something I can set on Server to make changes visible immediately.