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Records with identical field to match

Question asked by KimberlyBeiderman on May 30, 2014
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Records with identical field to match



     I hope I will be able to explain myself well enough to get your help. I have a simple table [Log Entries] with student names, their unique ID numbers, discipline incident date, discipline type, consequence, date reported, and reported by (teacher's name). I want to match the ID numbers with Grade Levels I have from a different source. I want to either import table from file and match or I can relate them somehow. 

     Here's the problem. Each record could have duplicate IDs but are unique from each other. Therefore, when I try to match for Grade Level, I get no matches. I think it's because the ID is used multiple times, but I don't know how to correct the problem. 

     Using a key field could be the solution. I understand how to create a unique key field (auto-enter serial number), but I don't know how to match that with the other file which uses the ID numbers as identifiers.

     Thank you in advance, Kim