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    records with multiple last names



      records with multiple last names


      I am in the process of building a contact file.  We maintain information on women participants in our programs as well as couples for events and donor requests.  I am unable to determine 1- how to enter different last names for couples.  ie: Mary Jones and Sam Smith.


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          You have several options:


          1) use 2 last name fields and two first name fields in your record (simple but messy).

          2) Make your table structure more sophisticated.


          You could make a "people" table with the following fields:

          First Name

          Last Name



          Make your other table a "contact info" or "Couples Info" table give it whatever fields you now have for recording data on your couple, addresses, phone number, etc. but add one more field: CoupleID and make it an auto-entered serial number.


          Create a relationship: People::CoupleID--=--ContactInfo::CoupleID and enable the creation of related records in the People table.


          Now put a portal on your contact info table to display related People records.