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    Recover and replace file with referenced images



      Recover and replace file with referenced images


      I had heard that the problem with replacing a file with many (30,000) referenced image files and the files disappearing has bee fixed?  The problem now is trying to see if such a file has any unknown problems by performing a 'Recover" on the file.  It has been stuck on "Recovering Table" for over 4 hours now.  Two questions come to mind.

      1. How do you perform a Recover on such a file.

      2. If the deletion and uploading of a replacement file has been fixed... How is this accomplished without the files being moved to a deletion folder?  Our files are hosted by a remote company so I hope there is some kind of option now to preserve the directory.  How?


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          I maintain a community supported database of Known Bugs in FileMaker. What you describe does not ring a bell. Can you provide more information on this?

          1) if the file is large, it can take a very long time to recover the file. A certain 20 GB file that I have to work with will take more than a day to recover.

          2) to repeat, can you describe the issue in more detail? Are these externally stored images perhaps rather than "referenced" images--which would seem to describe the older method of selecting the "Store a reference" when inserting/importing the file.?

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            If you have a file with images stored externally is the major criteria. Not referenced images.

            Now you want to "Recover" a file to find out if there are problems that explain issues with the file.  Using the HTML control panel you close the file and download the file to your computer. 

            You now use FM13 or FM14 and run the Recover process.  In my case there are over 65,000 referenced files (my original post was wrong) and FM must be checking something about the reference because it ran for 4 hours on a new MacPro with 32 GB of memory before I was forced to stop the process.

            If you find a problem with a file, and make the necessary repairs by whatever means, you must now delete the file from the list of files being hosted on the server in order to upload the new file.  The act of deleting the file moves ALL of the images to a new folder called something like "Deleted........" and deletes the existing directory.  Uploading the repaired file does not replace the files.  If you are paying someone to host your files you cannot just move the files back into the proper directory.  FTP access is usually not an option because most hosting companies will not let you create a new folder in the directory they are hosting and FM just deleted it.  This is a horrible practice and FM response was Working As Designed.  In my mind this is a bug where your files are moved WITHOUT NOTICE during the process.

            So IMHO there are two bugs. First if you have multiple thousands of images in a file your cannot run the Recover process.  I guess I could try letting it run overnight but being stalled on one process for over four hours with no information is a bug.  Second, moving a users files without any notice is a horrible idea.  The default behavior should leave the files in place and let users move or delete them as they desire.

            I thought I heard that this was changed but I cannot find any information anywhere that references this problem.