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Recovered damaged file missing info.

Question asked by applebroog on Jan 8, 2010
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Recovered damaged file missing info.

Post I am working on a iMac OS 10.5.8. Running FMPro 10 version 10.0v3.


Was working in FMP one day and was adding entries when it unexpectedly quit on me. At the time I was working on 10.0v1 and had not yet installed the v3 update.

When I went to reopen my FM database. It stated that is had not quit properly and was going to run a consistency diagnostic...I let it run and when it was done it reported that me file was damaged. So i go to recover my files. Still no luck. Still says damaged. Oddly enough...if I skip the "Consistency dialogue" box it opens up fine and dandy. But every time I open my database it always says it was closed improperly.


At this point I decided to updated to 10.0v3, thinking that it was fix the bug. Download is successful. Go to open the damaged file. Still no luck. So I recover through the updated version. It recovers it fine but all the images I had attached to each entry were missing!!! I have about 3200 entries each with an image attached. Will I have to go through each entry and relink the image? or is there something I forgot to checkmark?


I tried to contact tech support and they said to check  the forums/knowledge base for help. 

If anyone could help me asap that would be great!!