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Recovered File Is It Better Than Original ?

Question asked by rouelf_1 on Jul 9, 2012
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Recovered File Is It Better Than Original ?


Using FM Pro 11.0v4 Adv

My solution seems to work fine, since I have not observed any issues. However, for fun, made a copy, then ran "Recovery" on the copy. The recovery log came with major issues:  WARNING: problems were detected while recovering the database. The recovered file should NOT be used going forward; ….

Now, I renamed the recovered file, and ran the "Recovery" on the recovered file. This time, the file recovery log said no issues found:  Recover built a new database without detecting any problems.  ….  Also ran a consistency check on the recovered file and found no issues.

So, is the recovered file better than the original ??

BTW For the above, Also ran consistency check on original file and found no issues there.