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Recovered Library and Blob

Question asked by ralvy on Dec 26, 2009
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Recovered Library and Blob


Just ran Recover on a file as part of my routine testing. When FMDiff compared the Recovered file with the Original file, it found a Recovered Library and Recovered Blob. This seems related to my having deleted a graphic from the Original file. Recover, when creating the new Recovered file, created a new Base Table called Recoverd Library, with a field there called Recovered Blob, along with a new Table Occurrence called Recovered Library. After I created a layout for that new TO, I see a graphic I deleted from the Original File.


Should I be concerned about the state of the Original file? Recover reported no errors. I only noticed the above stuff because I routinely use FMDiff to compare an Original file with a Compacted Copy, and  compare an Original file with a Recovered File, to test for possible hidden corruption, as suggested by FMDiff developers.


It sounds like it's a matter of FM not recovering unused space after I delete the graphic. I deleted other graphics from that file also, but only this one seems to have resulted in deleted space not being recovered.