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Recovering a version 10 file with FM Advanced v 9

Question asked by willmcgreal on Nov 1, 2009
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Recovering a version 10 file with FM Advanced v 9


Recently I had to recover a version 10 file shared on Server v9. I was working on the Server Admin Console through a remote desktop and the only option at the time was to use the client version of FM Advanced resident on the remote drive to recover the file.


Th reason recovery was needed is this: the hosted versioon 10 file suddenly had no scripts in Manage Scripts -- nothing. I closed the hosted file and recovered a copy of the hosted file on the remote desktop using FM Advanaced version 9. The scripts came back but, because they were recovered in version 9, the folder organization was completely lost. All of the scripts appeared in creation order.


We had resume use of the file right away and so I let the unorganized scripts stand with the intention of re-organizing them later. Then it occurred to me...


Does recovering  version 10 file with a version 9 advanced client not only lose the organization but does it lose features specific to version 10 that the version 9 recovery function cannot recognize?