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    Recovering Old FileMaker Pro Data



      Recovering Old FileMaker Pro Data


       I have some very simple data fields previously stored on an old Power Macintosh 6500 machine with FileMaker Pro 1.0 v2 (circa 3/91). I have recently transfered the data to a new IMac running on OS 10.5 (Leopard). The new operating system won't open the old files. The question is; What are my options to recover the old file? Can I use Bento 2 to open it or must I use FMPro 9 or 10.

      Thanks, Moosebldr  

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          I'd just download the trial 30 day demo version from filemaker and try it (to recover your data)?

          not sure about bento.

          Question is, what do you need to do to the data (export it, or work with it in filemaker?)

          You could fire up that old 6500 with FM v1 and save/export the data in a different way, but to be honest I don't know what file format options were available to you in that era....(did they have indoor plumbing or color t.v.'s back then ;)


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            Thank you for your post.


            FileMaker Pro 1.0v2 will not run on OS 10.5, as you have discovered.   "mwc" is on the right track (without the sarcasm) in that you should open the file on the old Power Mac 6500 and export the data to either a comma-delimited, tab-delimited or Merge.  I would recommend the latter as it is identical to a comma-delimited file, but the first record includes the field names.  This will be helpful when you import the text file into FileMaker Pro 9 or 10.  Also, it can be opened in Bento 1 or Bento 2 (if need be).



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              TSGal and "mwc",


              Thanks for the replies.I have recovered the old data file by using a trial version of FM 6 on the IMac (the old Power Mac 6500 bit the dust).

              I now plan to work on the data file using Bento 2.