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    Recovery Log



      Recovery Log


      Began having an issue with creating schedules on FMS 11, FM Assistance advised me to Recover my file (which still works fine), the recovery log now has several errors noted.  Does anyone know how to read the recovery log

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          Best Practice:


          If Recover detects a problem, replace your file with an undamaged back up. You may have to save a clone of your file and import all your data from your recovered file, being careful to update any auto-entered serial number fields.


          There's just no guarantee that your recovered file will work correctly, so it's safer to go to a back up copy.

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            Steve Wright

            Does the recovered file fix your problem ? 

            If so, you should definitely go to a backup of the file..  



            I also just wanted to add a note about the recovery message.

            If the recovery shows "Structure: scanned ; XX item(s) modified" and no other issues, open the recover.log file and check to see what these modifications where.


            Filemaker Recovery (in my opinion) is incorrectly reporting Rebuilt group with x object(s) as corruption, when it should be nothing more than a notice, it certainly should not be stating to 'not to use the file going forward'