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Recreating in Filemaker Bento function of adding "notes" columns to Portal Rows.

Question asked by PhilippSteger on Mar 26, 2014
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Recreating in Filemaker Bento function of adding "notes" columns to Portal Rows.


     I have just made the transition from Bento to Filemaker and am still struggling with recreating in Filemaker functions that I relied on heavily in Bento. One such function is the ability to add Notes - several columns of notes as a matter of fact - to individual rows in Portals. These notes do not become a part of the related records themselves (i.e. they don't show up in the related table/library).


     Given that in my database I am using mostly many-to-many relationships, I tend to have records that are related to several different tables, and depending on those tables, I might have different notes or checkboxes etc. for them.


     An example: I have one table called "Texts", which essentially stores records that contain brief descriptions of documents and container fields with reference to the external storage of each document. One such record in "Texts" may be related, for instance, to several records in my "Projects" Table. And depending on the "Project" I may or may not have worked through or processed that particular text record, but it's important that I be able to keep track from the "Projects" perspective of the text records I have processed for the purposes of this particular project. But while I may have processed the text for the purposes of this one particular project, I may not have processed it for the purposes of another project to which it is also related. This is where the ability to "annotate" individual rows in Portals comes in very handy.


     Any advice on how to recreate this Bento function in Filemaker would be greatly appreciated.