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Recurent corruption of a huge database

Question asked by SergeBerney-KinSA on Feb 7, 2011
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Recurent corruption of a huge database


Hello world,

We have a client with a huge database :

-          1.3 GB size

-          79'892 records

-          4'053 fields

-          652 layouts

-          1'743 scripts

Since this database was once corrupted (we suppose a network shortage during database structure manipulation), this file being corrupted once or twice per day... During data entering, searching, script or structure changing (but nothing we can reproduce each time).

We try to save as compacted, save a clone and reimport all data, but nothing is the solution : Each day, this database go to corrupt status and close. We need to restore from backup or to open it, save as compacted and this is working... for few hours...

We check every layouts (passing one by one to check if there was one in error) : Nothing

FileMaker infrasturcture is :

Serveur : FileMaker 7.0v1

Workstation : 4x FileMake 7.0v3 and 1x FileMaker 11.0v2 advanced

FMS configuration :

  Backup script : every 2h

  Cache : 150Mb / Clear every 2 minutes

No plugin used on this database

Thanks in advance for any solution/suggestion !!!

Serge Berney

Kin SA