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    recurring import



      recurring import


      Recurring import sends the data from the file into a new table. How do I get that data into my existing table in the database?

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          What steps are you taking to import the data?


          To use import records to import data into an existing table, you first select a layout based on that table or you can use a script.


          Either way you can import the data into an existing table.

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            Select Import>File

            select Excel file and recurring option

            dialog box appears asking for layout and table name

            imported data goes into the new table (as described in the user manual) 


            The problem is that I want the import to go into my existing table (like a regular, nonrecurring import would do.)

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              Interesting, that's an option I haven't played with before.


              It creates a script, layout and table for your import.


              You can either edit the Import records step in the script to specify an existing table. Or you can study how the script works and then create your own import script--specifying the desired table.

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                Its new to 11. ;)

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                  I have a question is it possible to have multiple recurring excel imports into the same database?

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                    Yes, as I mentioned in earlier posts in this thread, you simply use the Import Records operation--either manually or in a script. The key detail you'll have to manage if you script it is whether the excel file will have the same filename each time or if it will be different.

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                      Yes i have been able to set one recurring document into a database but to be more specific can i set up 5 different excel files to be recurring simultaneously into a single database combined?

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                        Don't see why not.

                        You can have as many import records script steps in a single script as you need and each can specify a different source and/or target table.

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                          Do you have any suggestions or resources were i can find how to do that?

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                            Do you know how to write a script?

                            It's not a terribly difficult script to create.

                            It'll basically look like:

                            Import Records
                            Import Records
                            Import Records

                            The details specified for each step are where you select an input file, target table and map the columns of data to specific fields in the table. If you can use Import records to manually import the data, then you'll find that setting up each import records script step uses the same dialogs.

                            There are books and tutorials onf filemaker available if you need to use them.

                            and of course you can continue to ask questions here as you try to apply what you've learned.

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                              I do not know how to script and i am a novice at the moment with everything dealing with filemaker and programming. The code works thank you are there any good places online for free?

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                                Here is another question How do you change the name of the button that is created from making a recurring import? I tried to do it through the layout but it says that it is locked any ideas?

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                                  I wouldn't use that approach. I'd start with a script and attach it to a button added to the layout with the button tool.

                                  Button labels can be changed by selecting the button in layout mode, clicking the text tool, then click the button's label text.

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                                    I have another question on filemaker 11 on xp. I have a script with a recurring import and i want display the date that the file was last modified on my layout not the day it was imported. Please simplify to novice terms Thank you

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