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Recurring import from Excel doesn't behave in FM 11 vs 7

Question asked by sethgodin on Oct 13, 2011
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Recurring import from Excel doesn't behave in FM 11 vs 7


Hi guys, hope you can help, as Filemaker tech support sent me over here.

I have a database in Filemaker 7 that works flawlessly. It’s set to do a recurring import of an Excel spreadsheet, deleting existing data each time I reopen it.

I originally set it up with a spreadsheet called Items. I’ve since deleted the original spreadsheet, and you’ll see why.

Over time, I update the Excel spreadsheet with new item numbers, and save it each time with a new name (ItemsOctober for example).

In Filemaker 7, whenever I open the database file, it goes to look for “Items”, can’t find it and gives me a dialog box to choose which spreadsheet I want instead. Voila, I pick the most recent (in this case, ItemsOctober and it imports it.

Just upgraded to a new mac, which means 7 doesn’t work any more, and am running Filemaker 11.

Same database. No dialog box. It can’t find the original spreadsheet, so it does nothing, skips the import, etc.

I’m probably smart enough to manually do this every single time, but a. it’s a pain in the neck and b. my operators might not be.

So, the question is: How do I teach 11 to do what 7 did automatically, which is look for the new spreadsheet with a simple dialog box?

(I’m aware I can just keep renaming the spreadsheet, but I worry about the hassle of source control and updating).

Thank you!!