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Recurring Imports and Layouts

Question asked by MikeLeathem on Sep 28, 2010
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Recurring Imports and Layouts



Brand new to Filemaker Pro but amazed at what is possible so far.

I picked up the standard solution for contact management, imported my data from a Excel spreadsheet fine. I played around with the layout to get the info looking as I wanted. But I now need to update this database from the same spreadsheet each time.

My problem is when I use Import and select recurring import I cant get the new data to update the existing data and it wont do it inside the same layout. The data imports as it says it will in Table View with the import button which is fine but when I try to use the original layout I lose the additional records as it reverts to the data in the original database.

If anyone has an inkling what Im on about I would be surprised but ill ask for help anyhow.

Thanks, Mike