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Recurring Monthly Invoices

Question asked by Zyniker on Mar 9, 2010
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Recurring Monthly Invoices


I am currently in the process of looking for monthly billing software for a pool service and construction company.  The company sends out three kinds of invoices:

1. Monthly invoices (these contain monthly charges and are sent out on the same day each month),

2. One-time invoices (these contain special or miscellaneous charges for additional work and are, as their name implies, one-time), and

3. Payment-over-time invoices (these are sent once a month over the course of some months for the payment of large projects [usually construction]).


Is it possible to accomplish these tasks with FileMaker 11?  It seems relatively easy to accomplish the latter two tasks (though automation of the third eludes me); however, I cannot seem to find a way to send out recurring invoices (the first type).  Any help would be appreciated.