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    Recurring Records



      Recurring Records


      I am a novice user and I am trying to build upon the Task Management template that comes with FileMaker.

      I have a number of tasks that recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Is there any simple way to have a record (task) repeat on a regular basis (by date or after it has been completed.)?

      Thank you, in advance for any guidance you provide.


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          Yes, if you are willing and able to make some changes to the database. At the very least you'd need to add a field or two so you can identify a task as recurring and the interval it recurs over. Then you'd need a script that uses that info to make those entries for you on an automatic recurring basis. Putting recurring task in their own table, might be a very good idea also...

          Might not be a simple thing for a novice user to achieve until they invest some time in getting a better understanding of how this specific database works as well as how FileMaker works in general.

          I'm not trying to brush you off. If you want me to move forward with a more detailed description of how to do this, let me know. I'm just cautioning you that you should be prepared to spend some time learning how FileMaker works and how your file is designed in order to understand how to implement the changes I or another poster suggest.

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            Thank you for the input.  I have been playing with this file all day, and I understand how the database is structured, can add fields, and use scripts to generate reports.  I already figured out and added the fields I need to set up create a recurring script.  My problem is that my knowledge of the script functions is limited.  I am not sure exactly what each does.  I will play with it until I figure it out.  It is the only way to learn.  I just thought there would be a simple canned function that I was missing.  I was surprised that FileMaker left out a recurring function in both their sample Task Manger and To Do List.  I would have thought it would be a logical extension.

            Thanks again for taking the time.  I appreciate it.

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              As you encounter specific challenges in getting this change to work, feel free to post your questions to the forum.