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Recursive Custom Function

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Nov 18, 2013
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Recursive Custom Function


     In my solution that is based on this type of relationship (pic) I have a custom function called Infobase(). What it does is let me deduce the parent of a particular Primary Key. I use it to do things like link Information Topics back to found sets.

     So I am imagining that I keep feeding the result of Infobase() back into itself that I can come up with the parent of all parents in a particular topic. I was looking into to recursion in Custom Function and saw some info that said a Custom Function cannot iterate but it can recursively call itself. Assuming that is true I would think that this can be done with my function Infobase(). Eventually the “empty” of the result could insure we are at the highest parent. In my attempt to create a recursive Custom Function I must be doing something wrong?