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Redefining relationships for one database

Question asked by JanMoreland on Oct 18, 2012
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Redefining relationships for one database


     I have one database with thousands of records, each record has a time and temperature reading and an index. Each set of records can record time every 5 minutes and have up to 2016 records. I have another database with case data that uses this time/temp database as related record. So one case has one ID that points to up to 2016 time/temp records. But when I display my related records for that case, I only want to use a certain range of the time/temp records. I have written one script to find out what the starting and ending index numbers are that are applicable and I save those index values in the case-record. In order to execute that script, my initial relationship is the ID on the case-record that matches the ID in the time/temp records. THen I set up a new relationship - for display purposes - with matching IDs and the saved starting index >= the index on the time/temp record and the ending index <= the index on the time/temp database. That brings no results - I can't display those records in a portal or use them in a script. I'm sure I am doing something wrong because I assume it is a valid thing to do?