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    Reduce the PDF file size?



      Reduce the PDF file size?


      I've created a database that creates invoices/quotations of our stores objects (decorative arts/furniture). On each invoice there is a small blurb of what the object is (dimensions, description, price and objectID) and small thumbnail sized image of the piece. 

      When I try to save the invoice as a PDF the file size is enormous - almost 12MB - which seems outrageous to me. It's impossible to send that via email to anyone. 

      Other than buying Adobe software that allows you to reduce the file size is there anyway to do it within FM? 

      I tried trolling the forums and playing around with preferences within FM but couldn't find anything useful.


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          If you export that "small thumbnail sized image" to your desktop, how large of a file is it?

          I suspect that you can greatly reduce the size of your PDF if you either remove that image, or use image editing software to produce a downsampled copies of those images that is sufficient for printing as a thumbnail but much lower in resolution.

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            Ah, silly me to think a smaller container box would yield a smaller file size on my images. How frustrating. 

            Thank you.

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                   I've a similar problem.

                   As I create the PDFs of Report containing large Pictures my PDF size is often as big as 12 MB. Reports of this size can't be send by email.

                   Reduzing the file size by external software would be not possibe as some of these pictures are directly taken from the FileMaker Go camera plug in.

                   For that the only possible soulution would be if possible to adjust the PDF Print settings via script.

                   In FileMaker Pro on the PC (MAC) you can adjust the size of the content for the PDF creater via Prefernces -> Color Profil.

                   On the iPad I am missing a option like that totally.

                   FileMaker it self seem to have no option to reduce the Filesize within a container object.

                   At least I could not spot it. How ever FileMaker Pro and Go generate if graphic or fonts embended huge PDFs.

                   A way to adjust it via the iOS or FM Go should be given. Often people want to send out reports via PDF over the iPad email client on mobile broadband or G3.

                   Please any ideas? Desparate as I have a couple of clients out there with that problem.

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                     Alan, a simple solution is to create a photo file size for emaiing and one for HiDef Monitor viewing.  Don't use the same photo for both needs.  FMP is not a PhotoMaker, but FileMaker.  A Container is named right.  It contains what you Insert in it.

                     See my answer in I want to reduce pictures size in a container field  about picture size.