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Reducing the size of a printout in Windows

Question asked by macguy918_1 on Jul 5, 2011
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Reducing the size of a printout in Windows


I have a database that I run in both Windows and Mac environments.  In that database I have a report which is about 13.8 inches wide according to the Layout Ruler.

On the Mac i can print this report in Landscape Mode on 8.5 x 11 paper very easily because the Mac Page Setup dialog box gives me a button to choose Landscape or Portrait and a Scale Box where I can enter a scaling percentage for the printout I desire, such as, in this case, 75%.  This reduction results in a very readable output document and everything fits.

However, when I go to a Windows machine and try to print this report, I can't find an equivalent scaling box in the Page Setup dialog.

I know I could redesign my report to use smaller fonts and, in effect, reduce all the font sizes, move all the headers around, etc., etc., but that is a lot of useless work if there is a simpler solution that I just can't figure out in the Windows environment.

I would appreciate any suggestions.