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Reducing the size of video playback controls

Question asked by UncleGeo on Mar 19, 2013
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Reducing the size of video playback controls


     Can I do that?

     Each record has a container field that shows an image, doc or video. In individual records I made a larger sized container but I have another layout where I've reduced the container to thumbnail size so it's easy to scroll through to find the what you want.

     The problem is that, at the smaller size, the video controls take up half the container size. FM11 had a simple thin control and that worked fine, FM 12 seems to have a freakin' huge fancy controller.

     Can I reduce the size of the controls, change to another "style" or (I know I'm wishing here) disconnect the controls from the container?

     Or maybe there's a solution that shows the image but not the controls and if you click on the image it pulls up a player. It would be nice to do this without having leaving the layout.