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    redundant fields



      redundant fields


      I'm using a starter solution and have modified it to suit my business.

      I'd like to remove all the now unused fields (lots and lots) from the databases. 

      I'm worried that I remove a field mentioned in a script or used for calulations or in some other 'under the bonnet' way.

      Question:- Is there a way to check if a field is truly redundant? Is there a search I can do to make sure removing a field will not cause unexpected results?


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          If a field is used by a script, FM will tell you so. Same if the field is used in a formula.

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            If you have FileMaker advanced, you can create a database design report and then do text searches of it for a specific filename to find each place that a field is used. This will help you find fields that might be used to define a value list or that are located on specific layouts---cases where you won't get a warning message like you do if you attempt to delete a field used in a calculation or a relationship.