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Reference Tables

Question asked by netguykb on Jan 13, 2009
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Reference Tables


I would like to create a Reference Table for storing values based on the names of custom filters I would like to execute upon selecting from a drop down menu. This table does not have to be associated with other tables, For instance:

One dropdown choice would be: Account + New Lead + Less Than 10,000 Members

If the user selects this from the drop down menu then I would exec a script that would look like this:

Enter Find Mode []
Set Field [Accounts::acount_owner; Get (Account Name)]
Set Field [Accounts::acount_status; "New Lead"]
Set Field [Accounts::acount_membership; "<10000"]
Perform Find []

The drop down could have many more custom type searches for exec different filtered searches.

Any help would help for creating this. I originally tried creating a table to store the names of the different type searched but the table needed to be associated to another table. All I am looking for is a drop down to instruct the users as to which custom filter they can execute, and upon selecting a specific filter, would execute a script that I have created.