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Referenced image problems over network with PC and MAC

Question asked by skowens on Jan 10, 2010
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Referenced image problems over network with PC and MAC


I use FMP 10 on both a Mac running OSX and a PC running Vista and I'm essentially a novice when it comes to calculations, scripts, etc.  


I have several databases that have container fields for images.  In the past, as I've created records, I've just used "Insert Picture" to insert a reference to the image for each record.  Copies of the images are stored locally on both the Mac and the PC (though I would like to eventually get this to work without that redundancy).


In the past, when I was running an earlier version of FMP, I was able to host the database on the Mac and access the database from the PC remotely over our wireless network.  For whatever reason, the images always showed up just fine and there were no issues with file paths, despite the fact that I never set up any sort of calculation to tailor the filepaths to whichever machine was accessing the database.  Recently, after some corruption issues which have been resolved (as best I can tell), and upgrading to FMP 10, the images aren't showing up properly on the PC when it remotely accesses the databases on the Mac.


So, in an effort to correct this, I've been trying to redo the container fields as calculations to automatically reference the proper images, regardless of which machine is accessing the database.  The calculation that I'm currently using is:


If (Abs (Get (SystemPlatform)) = 1;

"imagemac:/Macintosh HD/users/kenklosterman/documents/collection apparatus/" & Number & ".jpg" ;

"imagewin:/C:/Users/langsem/Documents/Collection Apparatus/" & Number & ".jpg")


Here "Number" is the field that contains the unique record number, which corresponds to the name of the image files.  Copies of the images are stored on both machines (but if I could get it down to one machine, that would be preferable).


The problem is that when I test this on a very basic test database that I've set up, when a record is created by either machine, it automatically and correctly references and displays the proper image file.  When I view that same record on the other machine, however, the file path appears to be stuck on the path for the other machine.  i.e. if a record is created on the Mac, it always points to the Mac path even if I view it on the PC, and vice versa.


I've read through a thread on pretty much this same topic, located here, which offered a similar calculation to the one I'm using, but I don't see what that calculation has that would make such a difference (again, I'm a novice at calculations and scripts).  From what I can tell, the database isn't recalculating the contents of the field every time each record is viewed.  So, any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?  Will I also be able to automatically redo all the old images by running a script or a Replace Field Contents calculation?  Any advice will be very much appreciated...