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Referenced images not showing in calculated container field in FMP 11, but correctly in FMP 10

Question asked by conchology on Feb 14, 2012
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Referenced images not showing in calculated container field in FMP 11, but correctly in FMP 10


I've been struggling for over a year or two now with images not showing up in Filemaker 11 but correctly in Filemaker 10.  Until now I've not found any solution for the problem. Today I put forward to tackle the problem and resolve it.  I hope this forum can help me. 

My only solutions was to stay with FMP 10 and not upgrade my 20+ staff to FMP 11 which I've the licenses for laying around here. 

My setup:
- FileMaker Server Advanced 9 running on 10.5.x on Xserver, never had any problems with it, just zooming along and doing its job.
- OS server 10.5.8 for storing our images and make with afp them available to all our staff. 
- FileMaker Pro 10: about 20 staff members to access a few databases, of which one that contains about 1.7 million records.
- Macs only: OS X ranging from 10.5 to 10.7

Database structure:
- about 1.8 million records, something like 25 fields, a few calculations, etc...
- all records have 1 image referenced to in a calculated container field, the path is directed to images stored on a volume mounted on each computer. 
- calculation field result in container with path: "image:/Images Stamps/1000000/web/1002098.jpg"

- saved in .jpg using Adobe Photoshop. 
- average size is about 1MB

The problem:
- In FMP 10 we can see all the images of the 1.8 million records without any problem. 
- In FMP 11 we can see a few images random images, mostly it stays empty.  
- a screenshot is added to show the issue

Attempts to fix:
- re-save the images in jpg with other programs - still not showing in FMP 11
- checked the file permission - all readable for every user

I've attached screenshots to show the difference in FMP 10 & 11, the problem also exists in the advanced version.

Any help would be great to resolve this mystery.  If extra info needed - let me know so I can prepare and upload.