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Referenced JPEG images are not displayed in web browser using FM Webdirect

Question asked by on Jan 11, 2014


Referenced JPEG images are not displayed in web browser using FM Webdirect



     I have lowres JPEG preview (500x500 px) of hires images (30.000+, created automatically from hires PSD source by DAM program) - I send them periodically to customer server (so I have no additional costs with them and I have them ready to display).

     These previews are stored on file server in shared folders \\server\previews\01\, \\server\previews\02\, \\server\previews\03\ etc. up to \\server\previews\99\ - numbers are based on 2 initial numbers of image filename - not to store too many files in one directory.

     I can display preview images using container field and reference in FileMaker Pro. Now I need to display the same preview images in FMS13 Webdirect. What is the best way how to display them?

     Can FM Server 13 display this preview images (RGB JPEGs) from the original location using the UNC path if the FileMaker Server Service has access to shared folder \\server\previews? (Images are on another physical Win server in one domain)

     I tried this way, I can see images in FM Pro connected to FMServer, but there is only some thumbnail/icon and filename displayed instead of picture in Web browser.
     I set to run FileMaker Server Service as system administrator who has access rights to read from file server, Even I set Everybody can read shared folder \\server\previews - and no picture is displayed in web browser. Is this way correct and only some detail has to be be wrong?

     Or I should copy previews images to FM Server folder for externally stored files ? If yes, then how should I define the correct path to this copy in container reference? (I need to keep at least directories \01\, \02\, \03\... not to put all 30000 to one folder.
     (I can periodically copy jpegs from fileserver to FileMaker server if necessary, but I hope it wouldn't be necessary, I don't want to have multiple copy of preview jpegs.)

     Or Should I make accessible previews via webserver URL (e.g. )?

     Thank you for suggestions