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    Referenced location in containers issue...



      Referenced location in containers issue...



      I am nowhere near an expert with FileMaker Pro (11) and I am running into a problem.  I have developed a database that references images and barcode images (for inventory lookup and verification on thousands of beads/earrings/jewelery) and when I originally created the tables and imported the images, everything worked fine locally and with the FMGo clients.  What changed from then and now is those images embedded in the table made the database HUGE.  That is unacceptable.  So I recreated the tables using references to the images in the containers only, which drastically reduced the database file size, but now the FMGo clients on the Touch and iPad show the file path and not the image.

      After searching through these forums and Google, I have not found one good solution to rectify this.  I'm of the belief that the Touch/iPad doesn't know what "image:/C:/PandoraImages/150100.jpg" is and yes, sharing and security is set up on the folders for Everyone - Read access.  So how does this get fixed?  How can I edit the container so it reads "filewin://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/PandoraImages/150100.jpg"?  I'm guessing that would work (replacing the 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' with a valid IP address), but there's no way that I have found to edit it to even test!  Maybe there is a better way that I don't know about to make it so the FilemakerGo clients can see the images without changing the container contents?

      Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


      Filemaker Pro 11.0v3

      Filemaker Server

      Filemaker GO for iPhone/Touch

      Filemaker GO for iPad

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 (Virtual Server)

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          You can simply interpret the container field as a text field, modify the "pseudo-text", and reassign it to the container field by simple script command set field.

          And, yes, your server directory should be accessible by fm pro, by your ipad, by your iphone under //xxx.xxxx.xxx/PandoraImages, which i think will be the bigger problem.

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            From reading posts in the FM GO forum ( a good place to post this question BTW ), I believe there are significant limitations to FM GO's ability to display images stored by reference in a container field.

            A quick search of various sources on this site, however, didn't pop up a definitive description of this issue. I don't know if that limitation only applies to files loaded directly on the GO device or if it also applies to files hosted by FileMaker Pro or Server and then accessed from GO as a client.

            You might want to repeat these questions in that section of the forum if you have not already done so.

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              Thanks kapitaen and Phil,

              I think it's a client issue and how Filemaker Pro is handling the container information, not specifically a Go issue accessing the images from a referenced field that is using local location syntax, not UNC.  If I could figure out how to change that reference so it's not using local syntax and instead using a UNC format, I think that would work (refer to my problem post).  I'm pretty sure if I had a remote machine with Filemaker Pro accessing the database, the images wouldn't load there either as it would try looking on it's local drive for the images based on the reference.

              kapitaen - I don't understand what you're saying.  I tried converting the container to a text field, which only destroyed the data in the field (thankfully I make copies of the DB prior to making changes).  So I have no progress here.  I can make a calculation field which = the container and it shows me the file location, but that is not changeable and seems only to provide me with information to validate with.  Again, I'm no Filemaker expert, so don't know what steps to take here.

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                For FileMaker Go, this simply won't work for a container field.

                Please read this link: Linked photos in FM GO

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                  Kevin, in my DB I have containers for files that I want everyone to access, but don't want the DB to get to bloated as files get added.

                  I set up a script that exports the file from the container to a folder on the server (adding a recordID to the filename in case filenames ever get duplicated), the inserts that file back into the container as a reference.  That step ensures that all the files are inserted as a reference and that all of the files are in a central location accessible to everyone.

                  Then I have a text field that is a calculation of the container contents to give me the filepath and filename to that file.

                  In order for the users to open the file they click a button that runs a script that sets a variable ($filename) to be the filepath field, corrected for the platform (either filemac:/ or filewin:/).  The next script step is a send event with open document and the $filename specified in the options.

                  I'm not sure if that will work with FMgo, but it does work with the mac and PC versions of FM11 we have here.