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References/Citation Database (Academic Research)

Question asked by sarenput on Jul 10, 2015
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References/Citation Database (Academic Research)


Hello, I'd like to create a database to store all my references from all the research that I do in my field. I am not entirely sure of the kinds of tables that I need, though I realize I am still fighting a many-to-many relationship scenario.




Overall, the references (I refer to those as publications) come mostly in three types:

  1. Journal Articles
  3. Books/Monographs
  5. Chapters in books or edited volumes

Each of those can contain one or more authors, and an author in turn can belong to several publications. In creating a join table, I could link those two together then, but what would this look like in Filemaker? I am only wondering as I have three different types of publications, but would they just be resolved by having different fields, but be part of the same table? If so, would my ERD look something like this:

Authors ----> JOIN_Author_Publication <---- Publications

My biggest stumbling block that I seem to fail to understand is how I would enter the data. I understanding creating a customized layout for this, but how I would draw data from there, especially given the three forms of publication.

This is also made worse than some of the authors would have the role of editor in some edited volumes. This led me to think to create an "Individuals/Persons" table, and then I would assign a role within the publication layout. Does this make sense?

Any help you can provide is kindly appreciated.

Many thanks!