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Referring back to a Field

Question asked by MalcolmTodd on Dec 14, 2013
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Referring back to a Field


          I am building a club membership database using basicFM Pro 11.

          I have 2 tables:

          tblPeriod which contains, among others, a field "MembershipYear"

          tblMemberDetails which has fields e.g. Surname

          The tables are linked through a unique "ClubNumber"

          lytSelectYear is a layout based on tblPeriod, the user is asked to input a Year which is valid for the records in "MembershipYear" field. A script, scrGetYear, performs a Find and the results are displayed in the Body of lytMembers (based on tblMemberDetails) by including the Surname field.

          I want to display in the Header of lytMembers the inputted Year. (Inserting the field "MembershipYear" results in the first record of tblPeriod being displayed)

          How may I achieve this?  Many thanks for any suggestions, Malcolm Todd