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Reformat Existing Date Column

Question asked by ManjitSandhu on May 6, 2015
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Reformat Existing Date Column


I'm having some issues with my reports because the data has not been correctly validated to ensure users enter dates in a consistent format. So the current data is in a mix of blanks (allowed), DD/MM/YYYY, D/M/YYYY, DD/M/YYYY, D/MM/YYYY and also DD.MM.YYYY. What I'd like to do is reformat all existing dates in one hit, rather than open each record and update according.

Is there a way to, say, run a function on all entries that does something like:

Right( "0" & Day( cDate); 2 ) & "/"
Right( "0" & Month( cDate ); 2 ) & "/"

Year ( cDate ) &