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Reformat or Transpose data from table1 to table2 (spread sheet)

Question asked by YoshioOgata on Jun 12, 2014
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Reformat or Transpose data from table1 to table2 (spread sheet)


     Hi, thanks for your tips and knowleddge.

     This is a English translation of Japanese post “テーブル1からテーブル2へデータを動的に組換えたい(一覧表)


     I am trying to transpose a table’s entries to a different table, but with no avail, 

     What I want to accomplish are;

     1) table1 is a base table whose composition is displayed in a screenshot image attached.

         From the table, I want to transpose cells into table2 format.

     2) I want the data of both tables are relationally linked, which means, one of a cell entry is changed manually, the relationed data cell on the other table IS automatically updated.

     3) I prefer, if able,  these link of the both tables are established via filemaker relationships between TBOs, not with functions.

     4) As a fundamental rule, each tables will be displayed on a different layout.

     5) A portal utilization is welcome.

     …what are the possible solution for this to come in practice. I want you guys lend me experiences and knowledges. Thank You.


     My working Env;

     1) MacOSX 10.93, with Filemaker Pro 13

     2) I want the solution be feasible both Mac & windows