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Refresh Issues with Global Variables

Question asked by MorkAfur on May 25, 2015
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Refresh Issues with Global Variables


Not harping on why FMP should be more object oriented (at least a little), but is there a fix in Version 14 when you have a global variable referenced in an object's "HIDE WHEN" code?

According to a FM help document I found, they recommend using "Refresh Window" when you have variables as otherwise screen components may not update properly. That's definitely what's happening in 13. (Hours spent, needlessly if I could only just send a message to a screen object to hide itself...Sorry, there I go again...).

However, trying  "Refresh Window" has ugly flashing effects of the controls that I can't get rid of.

Doing either Refresh Object or a Commit did not work in this case.

Still trying to find a reason to update to compelling reasons found yet (that would really improve my productivity or how I use the product).

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

- m