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Refresh List View?

Question asked by cocoa777 on Nov 18, 2010
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Refresh List View?



 I have a list view that has a sub summary section.  The layout is displaying Employee timesheet information on the sub summary part and the body part is one or many timesheet lines.  The display is Such As:

Smith, John            Pay Period 4            Waiting Supervisor Approval                 (Timesheet) Sub summary Leading
             account 123           regular hours      40                                               (TimesheetLine)   Body
             account 456           regular hours      40                                               (TimesheetLine)   Body
             account 456           overtime              5                                                (TimesheetLine)   Body
                                                  total hours: 85                                                Sub summary Trailing

The layout, is being filtered with a script that find Timesheets for a given pay period and sorts them by the employee's name.  The sub summary lines are grouping on the employee's names.

From this layout, you can click to go to the Timesheet detail layout where you can enter the Timesheet information.  The trouble I am having is that when a user goes to the Timesheet details and adds new lines and then closes the detail window this underlying layout does not get refreshed to reflect the added lines unless I do my full filter script which takes too much time to do the complete find and sort.  However, When the user deletes lines from the detail window this underlying layout removes the lines automatically on it's own.  Why the difference between the deleting and adding lines.  I tried to refresh the window and flush cache but no luck.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.