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    Refresh Object group



      Refresh Object group


      I have navigation icons on each layout which are refreshed on layout enter. The various components are grouped, the entire group is given a name, and the onLayoutEnter script uses the Refresh Object step with that name. However, the object is not updating. If I change the Refresh Object step to Refresh Window (flush checkmarks unchecked), it does update. I can't find any info regarding this, but I was under the impression that refreshing a group would update all members of that group. Is that not correct?



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          That's an interesting question, can you provide a more detailed example so that others can investigate to see if they get similar results?

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            My particular setup was a bit complicated, so I set up a simple test:

            1) I applied conditional formatting to an object based on the value of a global variable (change color if variable is "1")
            2) Grouped that with another object, and named the group
            3) Made a script that set the global variable to "1" and refreshed the object

            Results are that it does work; updating an object that is comprised of other objects updates all of them. Now I need to figure out why my particular situation isn't working…

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              Working with grouped objects in FileMaker can be confusing and settings such as: Object names, tool tips, conditional formats, "hide object when" settings can become hidden inside the group when you group multiple objects, then specify the same features all over again, but now for the group. To access these settings of an object that is part of a group requires ungrouping the object, but that also destroys any of these settings that were specified for the group.

              This often generates bug reports over in Report an Issue when a developer assigns an object name to a field or other layout object and then uses button setup to change it into a button. This groups the object with an invisible button object and now when you click the button, you cannot see the object name applied to the field. you can ungroup the button and then see the field's object name, but this destroys the invisible button object and all of it's button specific settings.

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                Agreed. I did make a copy of the object and ungroup everything to see if it had contradicting hides, object names or conditional formats. It didn't…It doesn't make sense to me that Refresh Window would work but Refresh Object wouldn't. Perplexing…