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Refresh Rate on WebDirect killing usability

Question asked by gregdc on Dec 23, 2013
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Refresh Rate on WebDirect killing usability


     This may seem "unusual" to most of you.  But I have world wide uses of my applications using WebDirect as their interface.  FM12 IWP did not have this problem, but since changing over to WebDirect (FM13) I have received sever complaints of the application now refreshing the screen so often that the it is keeping the users from doing data entry.

     How do I reduce the WebDirect refresh rate back to a usable value??  I know that IWP did not refresh until the "Commit" was done, and that WebDirect no longer uses this method.   But I have users that need to be able to use WebDirect over slower connections.

     Is there any help here?

     Many thanks and Merry Christmas,