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Refresh required to display totals..

Question asked by buck_5648798798 on Nov 24, 2013
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Refresh required to display totals..


     I'm working on an invoice system. The main invoice page has a portal that links to line items. 

     I have a summary field below that show the total dollars of all the line items. 

     When I add a line item, sometimes the total does not display and sometimes it does.. If I make the window a little bigger the total shows up. Refreshing the page also makes the total display. 

     If I zoom in and then out the total will display.

     I'm on Mavericks and FM 11 but I also tried FM 12.0.5 with the same result. I tried FM 11 on Mountain Lion with the same result.

     When I create a line item, the total disappears when I start entering price and quantity. I'm not sure if it should. When I click out of the portal the total sometimes appears and sometimes not...

     Thanks for any suggestions.