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    Refresh web portal



      Refresh web portal


      Hi there,


      I am using FM 10 IWP.


      I had a web portal, which included the record number symbol (@@), description and a delete button.


      When i tried to delete the portal row from the FM10 Pro (to delete the description), the portal does refresh.


      BUT when i published it on the IWP, i tried to delete the portal row, the web portal doesn't refresh!!

      My record number symbol doesn't refresh also.


      Please help to advise.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.




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          I suspect this is similar to the problem I'm having with a button on a portal row - the script will not execute under any circumstances, whether you click Submit after pressing the button or not.


          So this is effectively a bounce on this thread before I post my version so they can both be answered at the same time :)

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            Thank you for your post.


            Does the delete button execute "Delete Portal Row" script command?  If so, this should refresh the screen and give you the new record numbers.  However, nothing is confirmed until you click Submit or execute "Commit Record/Request" script command.


            In case the button is damaged, remove the old button and create a new button attaching the same script (or script step).  See if that works.


            Let me know what OS you are using.  I've tried it here with Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6.2.





            Thank you for your post.


            What script steps are supposed to be executed?  Do any of the script steps get executed?  Where is it failing?




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              Thanks TSGal - turned out to be a problem with my Web client identification. See here: