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refreshing a conditional hierarchy value list

Question asked by mcemond on Sep 16, 2014
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refreshing a conditional hierarchy value list


Hi.I have several conditional hierarchical value lists in the form of drop downs who's selection determines the options in the following drop down and so on. They all work great but there's an issue with editing them in the web direct view (I didn't post this under FM server as it has more to do with the db file... I think). So say I have make and model for a simple example. in one record I chose Ford, then Fiesta and it saves. But now, I go back and choose Dodge in the first value list. In FM Pro, the model drop down may still say Fiesta in the box but the available drop down options are now changed to be appropriate for Dodge cars. In the web direct view, the model drop down will still say Fiesta is an available option. This becomes more of a problem when using say, people and skill sets. My thinking is that I can put some sort of refresh trigger on each of the drop downs? so the others fall in line? Right now my web direct is set to not auto save and it prompts with a save or cancel window after each edit. Any suggestions? I'm using FM Pro Advanced 13 and Server 13. Thanks. Mike