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Refreshing a list layout

Question asked by RickRobbins on May 8, 2014
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Refreshing a list layout


     I have been struggling for the last day on a problem that I cannot resolve.

     I have two tables:  Customer and Customer Documents.  I have a form layout for Customer and a list layout for Customer Documents (not editable) and a form layout to add/edit Customer Documents.  Customer Documents has a foreign key Customer ID.  

     On my form layout for Customer, I have a button which runs a script to open a new window showing a list of documents for that customer (Customer Documents) using get related record.  Once on the customer documents list, a user can add a document. This is through a button that opens a modal window allowing the user to fill in the fields and then commit or cancel.  Both options close the modal window.

     When the user commits the record and the modal window is closed, the list windows which comes back into focus is not updated with the new record in the Customer Documents table.  Is there a way that I can have the list updated?

     Thanks for any help.