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    refreshing records automatically



      refreshing records automatically


           We continually have a saying 'click the white space' so that it allows certain scripts to work, or completes data, etc when someone has entered info. I have tried refreshing the window, I have tried commuting the record but usually end up writing a script that puts them on a dummy field, then follows the script.

           The problems happen when using set variables and set fields between relationships on a record.

           Any help to make this smoother would help

           Thank you

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               Can you describe a typical layout design/relationship/scripting example where you encounter this issue?

               Generally speaking, a scripted commit records--clicking a blank area of the layout is also committing the records, should be all that might be necessary and even that usually isn't needed unless you have something beyond a very basic design.

               Where an extra effort is necessary is for cases such as when you display a summary field from a related table, show related data in a filtered portal, or related data that is "more than one table occurrence away" from the layout's Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?.

               The most complex issue for such updates that I know of is when you have a filtered portal and you modify the value of a field or variable used in the filter expression.