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    Refreshing Value llist



      Refreshing Value llist


      I have a table "Purchases". It has field "Supplier". Entry into this field is made with help of field base value list from another table "Companies". Everything is working fine untill moment when I need to enter brand new supplier: I go to table "companies" where I add a new supplier and when getting back to "Purchases" my value list of suppliers does not show any customer - it is empty. I have to close FM file, re open and then I can see in my value list also newly added company.


      I want to see my value list dynamicly updated when adding new supplier but...


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          Write a script that uses Refresh Window with "flush Cached Join results" selected to refresh your Purchases layout. If running that script fixes the problem, see if you can incorporate it in the script that takes you from your companies layout back to Purchases.