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Refreshing WebViewer

Question asked by CameronFerguson on May 14, 2015


Refreshing WebViewer



I am currently using FMP9 on Windows 7 and am attempting to use WebViewer to display PNG images that I have saved on a server, during a script. 

The WebViewer works, in that it displays the images correctly, assuming the image is present. 

However occasionally I have to remake an image due to it not being correct. The image in the WebViewer does not refresh however, unless I completely shut down filemaker. This remains true even with a few different refresh attempts: like adding a button that runs a Set Web Viewer[action:Reload] while also switching between browse and find mode. 

And one more thing: if the script pulls up 170 images, off which about 6 fit on a screen, the refresh button that I have described above will refresh everything but the first 8 images. And nothing I do will enable me to refresh the first 8 images. 


This is not an issue on another copy of FMP9 I have running on an XP machine. There the refresh button also doesn't refresh everything, but closing the script and starting it again does.


Thanks for any help and let me know if you have questions