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    Regarding Estimate file of starter solution



      Regarding Estimate file of starter solution


           Dear Friend,

           In Estimate FM template (Starter Solution) I want to preview the particular pdf file document (product description.and Images) in estimate details layout of the product name which I put in item line. I have try to drag the pdf document in container field also but not able to preview the file. This is for when we print/e-mail  the estimate of particular product to customer then he can preview the product detail and images along with price quote. Being I am new bee pls. help me to solve the problem. I am uploading two images one which I am unable to preview and second is in which the product details is previewing along with product image. I think so I am somewere wrong . One thing more it can be possible to preview pdf document in the layout preview.

           Thanking you

           Sorry my one image has been inserted in reply message. I just want  estimate layout Preview\ print preview as second image (business fm template)  I have shown



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                 Am I correct that you have Dropped the PDF into a container field in the lower left corner of the Estimate Details layout? You have two options, you can preview the PDF directly inside that container field or you can add the ability to open the PDF in Adobe Reader or Mac OS Preview to view that PDF.

                 To see the PDF inside the Container field, enter layout mode, select the field and use the controls found at the very bottom of the Inspector's data tab to optimize the container field for interactive content.

                 To Preview the PDF in it's own window, you can use Export Field Contents with the option to automatically open the file to view the PDF. This is a menu option in the Edit menu so you can click the field and then select that menu option or you can use a script with this same option as a script step to export the file.

                 Note: If you use Insert File to insert the PDF with the "store a reference" option selected, the field does not have external storage specified and the container field is NOT optimized for interactive content, you can double click the container field to open it in this fashion.

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                   Thanks Friend PhilModJunk, for your valuable reply of above queries.  But still I am in mid now. Actually I want to insert a pdf file (containing product description and product image) beside the product line item as shown in above BuninessMan quote layout. Pls. let me know the method how to insert pdf with the particular line item product and view the layout of that product detail in preview mode.

                   Thanks again .

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                     You should use Insert PDF to insert the PDF into a container field that has been optimized for interactive content.

                     I am assuming that you are using FileMaker 12 or newer. If this is not the case, then your options are different and more limited.

                     You would not use drag and drop (which is the equivalent of Insert Picture) to insert the PDF unless you used a script to then export and re-insert the PDF file using the Insert PDF option each time a File is dropped into the container field. The OnObjectModify Trigger could be set to perform such a script.

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                       Thanks for your reply,

                       As I am newbee and I have trial download file maker software. Yes I have insert pdf file in container and able to preview pdf file in layout. Though I have download FM 13 advanced. But while sending file file for print or for email to client then pdf file is not previewing in print priview. And also in email previewing.  If you don't mine pls let me know the steps how product details and images will preview just like above BusinessMan quotation Format. Actually this layout would be helpful for me while sending quotes to the customer in the above layout.  Secondly If I hit add line items it is not occurring.It is just beside the pdf file. What will be the step if I want second add line item to show I will show you image what I have done.

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                         Email from FIleMaker is plain text. The only way to send data that is not simple text in the body of an email is to attach a file--such as saving a PDF and attaching the PDF to the email. You are further limited to one attached file to each email so you will not be able to attach one PDF of your layout and then also the product PDF to the same email. There may be email plug ins that you can acquire that support more sophisticated emails.

                         If you PDF has more than one page, printing your layout with this container field will, at best, only show data from the first page of the PDF.

                         Regrettably, there's a bug in FileMaker 12 (that does not show as fixed FileMaker 13 in my resources) that prevents an interactive container field from being visible when printed or previewed:

                         For More Information see:     http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/9b3a2c7571?commentId=266047#266047

                         This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

                         It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip

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                           Dear Sir,

                              As in above post that if you want to send E-mail with single attachments have to acquire email plugin. Yes I have download 360 email plugin demo version which works for 2 hours per day. As I am newbie pls.you can give me tut in briefly how this plugin will work for fm foe sending email. Just I want to see if its work for me and fullfill my requirements than I will go for full version. I hope you will able to give me right tips for working with e mail plugin.I will be highly thankfull to you and your forums team. if possible screen shots will be helpful for me