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Regarding Estimate file of starter solution

Question asked by samarthmkt on Mar 9, 2014
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Regarding Estimate file of starter solution


     Dear Friend,

     In Estimate FM template (Starter Solution) I want to preview the particular pdf file document (product description.and Images) in estimate details layout of the product name which I put in item line. I have try to drag the pdf document in container field also but not able to preview the file. This is for when we print/e-mail  the estimate of particular product to customer then he can preview the product detail and images along with price quote. Being I am new bee pls. help me to solve the problem. I am uploading two images one which I am unable to preview and second is in which the product details is previewing along with product image. I think so I am somewere wrong . One thing more it can be possible to preview pdf document in the layout preview.

     Thanking you

     Sorry my one image has been inserted in reply message. I just want  estimate layout Preview\ print preview as second image (business fm template)  I have shown