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    Regarding Field Size



      Regarding Field Size


      Forgive me if this question has been asked and answered many times before...


      I am brand new at using the program.  I am creating a form to track entertainment assets - mainly rights and financial tracking information used to summarize deals prior to their being approved for contract.  The form has to contain many fields.  Depending on the deal, some fields will be completely empty, and others will be full of information - this will change with each deal.  Regardless of information contained within a field, when the document is printed, the field has to be present - even if only to indicate there is no information within. 


      The problem with printing a document is if a field is empty, yet is a certain size, it will print a huge empty field.  This, of course, wastes paper and makes something which could be 5 pages a lot larger...


      So, my question is about the field size.  Is there any way to set up a field so that the size of the field automatically adjusts itself to the amount of data within?  So, if a field contains no data, it would appear as one line in the printed document; if it contains data, the field would grow and all the information within the field would be printed...


      I'm not sure if this is possible...hopefully I've explained the question properly...


      Thanks in advance!

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          For starters, go into layout mode and check out Format | Set Sliding/Printing....


          You can set fields to slide up and shrink when they are empty or contain fewer lines of data than the field height you have set in the layout. They can't grow and the change is only visible when you preview or print the report. It can be a bit quirky, as you have several options and have to be a bit careful not to overlap fields, but it can be made to work.


          Check that option out and if you have questions about it, post back to the forum and we'll help you out.