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Regarding Key structures and table relationships

Question asked by MeyyappanARUNACHALAM on Mar 20, 2011
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Regarding Key structures and table relationships


Requirement - Capturing the drugs that are being administered to a patient.

I have a table called "Patient details". This is the parent table and this table captures all patient attributes. I have another table called Drugs which is the child table. A patient can be administered many drugs. I use a script to insert data into this table (whenever a user clicks on a button named administer drug, a row is inserted into the drug table). Now when I create a new patient using the "new record" button, I should have a fresh and empty drug layout. Instead of this, all the drugs that were administered to the previous patient shows up in the drug layout. I am not sure if I am messing up with the keys or is there something else that I need to look at? Please help.