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Regarding License Key

Question asked by mayor on Mar 21, 2010
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Regarding License Key




I have used FMP 9 year ago. I got 5 licenses and has installed it to computers. My problem is as below:


1) One of my computer has down and the harddisk need to be formated. All those thing happen before deactivated the FMP 9, so I lost 1 key.


2) I try to deactivate FMP 9 from one of my computer to enable me to use FMP 9 in another computer. When I deactivate it, my internet connection is down. After that, when I start FMP 9, program shows, the software need to activated it. I cannot activate it using the same license key. So. I lost another key.


Means that I have lost 2 keys for my FMP 9. Please advice, how I want to recover my license key back.