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    Regarding List Summary



      Regarding List Summary


      How can i get the summary list of item selected from second ,third , fourth row of portal table through given script. Yet i have given a button script on item name to get the list summary of last transactions. At present i am getting the list summary when i click to first row of portal but when i click to second row of portal get summary of first row result.

      here are some pics for the same


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          I've looked at the pics but can't make sense of what you are trying to communicate with them. What do you mean by "list summary"?

          Your script definitely appears to have multiple problems, but I don't know what you are trying to accomplish by it.

          Possible issues in the script:

          Go to portal row does not have a preceding step to set the focus on a particular portal. If there is more than one portal on the current layout, this step might go to the wrong portal.

          The use of getField in the step seems odd but can't tell if it is or is not correct. What you have would extract a value from the field whose name is stored in the Estimate::item field. So if you stored the text "Estimate::apple" in Estimate::Item, GetField in this step will return the value of the field named "Estimate::apple". That is not likely to be correct.

          Then Commit records, the very next step, removes any portal row focus achieved by the Go to portal row step so you could actually remove go to portal row and your script would still produce the same result.

          If your portal is to estimate, the subsequent set variable and go to related records steps will refer to the first record in your portal as the commit records has removed any existing portal row focus.